Strategic Play Call: Mahomes recounts an 18-yard touchdown pass to Travis Kelce during the Super Bowl LVII, a play not initially planned for the game due to its overuse in recent matches.

 Coverage Tendencies: The Chiefs noticed the Eagles' tendencies, opting for man-to-man coverage or Cover 4 Zone in red-zone situations, allowing favorable matchups for Kelce against a single defender.

Success Against Expected Coverages: The play's success hinged on the Eagles playing man coverage, confirming the Chiefs' prediction. Mahomes executed a fake before throwing to Kelce for the touchdown.

 Belief and Confidence: The success wasn't just about strategy; it was the shared confidence and belief among the Chiefs' coaching staff and players in executing this play.

 Favorite Throw: Mahomes views this play as his favorite from the Super Bowl, highlighting the blend of strategic planning and team confidence that made it memorable